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Doug Hinkle

The daVinci Academy
5th Grade Teacher
Colorado Springs, CO
Doug has taught 5th grade in D20 for the past 24 years.   He was one of the first elementary educators in the nation to use the flipped classroom idea, starting with math.  In doing this he was able to completely individualize and differentiate for students of all abilities and levels and give more personalized instruction to all students.  Doug has a Master’s Degree in gifted and talented.  He collaborated with our current TAG teacher to build camera obscuras that allowed students to imitate the painting style of Renaissance masters.   He frequently uses hands on, project-based lessons that better reach a variety of students.  Some of these include designing a model of an arm and hand with articulating joints to better understand the components of the human arm; building and launching multiple types of rockets to learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion, Bernoulli’s Principle and calculating apogee; and building cardboard automata which was a playful way to explore simple machine elements

My Facilitator/Speaker Sessions

Wednesday, June 7