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Heather Scott

Air Academy HS, Academy District 20
English Teacher and Digital Learning Coach
Colorado, USA
Heather Scott is a high school English teacher and Digital Learning Coach at Air Academy High School in Colorado Springs, CO. Heather has honed her skills as an early adopter, constantly finding ways to make her classroom more paperless and innovative. She is an avid classroom community builder and works to use digital learning to increase her classroom community as well as guide her students in both English Language Arts and Digital Citizenship skills. She is most interested in the way she can use technology tools to extend learning beyond the walls and hours of her classroom, create a thriving classroom community, and facilitate collaborative and inquisitive lifelong learners. Heather has served as a Digital Learning Coach in a shared leadership model at her school and loves working with other teachers collaboratively and offering professional learning opportunities to her colleagues. She is also interested in education gamification and game-based-learning. Find her on Twitter @h_sunshine.